How can i Get Skytells PM Installed ?

Hello, In this post we’re gonna learn together how to download Skytells PM.

What is Skytells PM ?

Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and that there has to be a better way, So we’ve developed Skytells in order to handle over 200+ tasks per secound.

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Business Over Mobile

We know the most internet users are using mobile apps for their business, so we’ve developed Skytells Mobile in order to handle business over Mobile!
Our Application is available in App Store And Google Play For Free!

How can i download Skytells PM ?

It’s Simple, Just Click Here in order to go to the download page

  1. Write your E-Mail Address in order to receive the download link
  2. Click Download Now to download

Skytells PM is not working on my PC, What should i do ?

Skytells PM requires the following versions of .NET framework to be installed on your computer in order to get Skytells running on your personal PC.

Once you complete downloading these following version, Start installing them and then restart your PC and Run Skytells PM.

Can i use Skytells PM For FREE ?

Of course you can, Just follow these steps in order to get a FREE License for your account.

  1. Go to this Page ( )
  2. Fill the Application with your information
  3. Submit the Application

Once you finished submitting the Application it will give you the ORDER ID, which you can trackyour order status by the minute.

  • This Process May Take 24 Hours to get Approved.





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