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How to activate Skytells PM ?

 How to activate Skytells PM ?

Hello, Here are some details about how to activate your Skytells PM.

What is activation?
Activation—connecting an application to a valid user license—is automatic for most apps. In some cases, you need to activate your application manually before you can use it. Find your product in the sections below to learn how to activate your app.

How to Activate Skytells PM?

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Launch the application.
  • Login to your FB Account From the Top-right of the App, Click Login
  • Skytells PM will popup a window asks for Activation ( If not click at License down-left the App )
  • Write your Serial Number And the Activation Code you received from us.
  • Click on the (" Activate ") button 

Please Note

  • Each FB Account needs to be activated with a native serial number.
  • Your serial number will no longer work for someone elase after the first activation.
  • Your serial number will be activated for unlimited devices working on the same FB account.

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