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Skytells - How to Install Skytells PM's Fonts?

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How to Install Skytells PM's Fonts?

 How to Install Skytells PM's Fonts?

Skytells PM is using over a 20+ Built-in Fonts.
Such as ( Sego Family, Oxygen Family ..etc ).
So, many of our users are experiencing a little issues while opening up some features like ( DX-Sniper, Audiences Manager or Groups Joiner ).
That's because these fonts are not installed on their computers.

In order to resolve the problem, Please follow these steps below

  • Open Windows Explorer 
  • Go to (" C:\Program Files\Skytells PM ") or replace it with the Path that you've installed Skytells PM on it.
  • Once you get in, Click on (" Fonts ") Folder listed on Skytells PM's Folder.
  • Click on Every Font on this folder in order to install it in your computer.

Then Restart Your Computer.

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