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Skytells - How to stay safe on Facebook While Using Publisher Feature?

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How to stay safe on Facebook While Using Publisher Feature?

 How to stay safe on Facebook While Using Publisher Feature?

The immensely popular social networking site Facebook has a user base of over 1.19 billion, which also makes it a popular medium for scammers. It is important to be able to identify a threat before it hits you because the consequences that follow one “quick click” may leave your bank account empty and your identity stolen.

Many users who are using a software(s) for publishing to Facebook are complain of Blocking of Facebook Features such as Temporary Blocking from Posting or Joining Groups.

Please Note that this issue is not our issue, because Facebook tries to eliminate any way to promote a product or similar through publication, forcing the user to use publicly funded ads!
But Skytells PM's intelligences are able to deal with these situations!


In order to be safe while publishing to Facebook we are recommend to follow these instructions carefully.
  • Always advised to NOT publish more than 25 posts / day
  • It's Strongly recommended to turn on the Anti-Spam feature while publishing
  • Its Highly recommended to activate the Smart-Publisher feature.
    • By Enabling this feature, this will help Skytells PM to monitor the posting Engine Activity.
    • In order to Activate it, Go to Settings > Publish > Check Use Human Publisher
    • Set it up to stop for 7 minutes every 5 posts.
  • It's Strongly recommended to Turn Human Publisher on.
    • This Engine helps Skytells PM to perform it's intelligences while publishing.
    • By Enabling this Engine, Skytells PM will post to Facebook as a Human.
    • This Engine is not support uploading Photos, Videos or media.
  • It's Strongly recommended to Analyze your Content via Content Analyzer before Publishing.
    • Contant Analyzer Feature is an amazing tool to detect the spam score on your contents.
    • Click at Menu Button, Choose Content Analyze.
    • Analyze your content, And Skytells PM will automatically clean it from the spammy contents.
  • Always use Like After Post Feature listed on Engine Settings
    • This will help Skytells PM to perform some human intelligence in process.
    • This feature will post like on every single object you publish in order to let Facebook know that account manager is a human.
  • Please Set the posting Speed at ( Deep Slow ) Mode.
    • -This misleading Facebook slip method for deployments.
  • Please Activate Decapatcher Feature.
  • Do NOT post Links before getting em shortened
  • Do NOT use the same content to publish everyday.


Important notes:-
  • If your Facebook account is new, we strongly recommend that you don't publish more than 20 posts a day!
  • Account must be at least on a conversations with people to make Facebook believe that account holder is real!
  • You must activate your Facebook Account with your real phone number to avoid ban
  • Skytells, Inc is not responsible for the contents published by any user uses any of our digital products
  • Skytells Inc. is not responsible for bad usage of Skytells PM's Publisher feature, And by using this feature it will be at your own risk.


We wish you success and a permanent

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