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How to use Facebook Private Message Sender

 How to use Facebook Private Message Sender

Skytells PM allows users to send bulk Facebook Private Messages Safe & Secure.

What's Facebook Private Message Sender?
Facebook Private Message Sender is a sub-feature of Skytells PM, developed to send over a tons of private messages using human touch APIs, which means that all sent messages over this feature are secure.

Whats the requirements to use this feature?
Facebook Private Message Sender requires the following conditions to be available.

  1. The Latest Version of Skytells PM
  2. An Active Paid License (" Professional License ")
  3. Facebook Account's Language must be ( en_US )

How can i use this feature?
It's simple, in order to use this feature, just follow these steps below.

  1. Open Skytells PM
  2. Login into your Account
  3. From the Menu Tab Click on FB Messages Sender ( See Image #1 )
  4. After FB Messages Sender being loaded, Click at Load Data ( See Image #2 )
  5. Select your IDs or Audiences File, And click OK ( See Image #2 )
  6. Write your message including a link, by clicking at Write Message. ( See Image #3 )
  7. Click at Start Engine to start sending your message. ( See Image #3 )

Image #1


Image #2


Image #3

* Inbox messaging depends on the receiver's privacy settings.
* Please attach (" https://www.google.com ") while writing your message.


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