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Skytells - Skytells PM v9.1 Released

Skytells PM v9.1 Released Hello, And Thanks for following our updates! We have released&Skytells ...

Skytells PM v9.1 Released

Hello, And Thanks for following our updates!
We have released Skytells Post Master Version 9.1
It's available now for the licensed users to download and update
We recommands to update Skytells PM to v9.0 in order to get more improves and updates

What's New in Skytells PM Version 9.1 ?

Starting with Newrly Features :

  • Message Scripts [ <target:name> ] (Which Allows to provide target name in remote published posts, to know more scroll down)
  • DX Sniper (Which Allows you to import Facebook users's Data And Emails And Export them as text or Message them)
  • Groups Control (We have completly updated groups managing controls with Check boxes and multiple saving lists)
  • Smart Engine (Now Skytells tells you what's most famous hashtags which allow you to boost your message on it)
  • Tag Friends (Now you can tag a friend in your post while posting on Pages or something Public) 
  • Mailling System (Now Skytells PM allows you to mail an users who have real facebook mail)
  • Ultrafast Engine (Now you'll able to publish an message every one sec. without any fear about your account)

Improves in this version :

  • Primary Posting Engine has been updated and improved
  • Publish Speed has been improved
  • YouTube +1 problem while sending views has been fixed
  • Friends +1 Now work in Middle East while your facebook language is English!
  • Publish Limit for Free accounts has been upgraded to 500 post per day
  • Auto Liker Limit has been upgraded to 100 likes per post including profile posts and statuses
  • Licensing Application has been improved
  • Links appearance on message has been fixed
  • Long-Life Access Token Request has been improved to be connected with API 2.2
  • OAuth System has been linked with our Central server
  • Access Token control while you using Skytells as developer
  • Some of Console commands has been improved
  • Fixed Login in problem while you use Turkish language
  • Fixed RAM problem that makes Skytells getting out of memory message
  • Skytells is more faster than ever
  • Bugs fixed


What is Message Scripts ?

This feature allows you to include target name while posting to a Facebook Group, Page or Event

As Example : if you have a group named ( Skytells ) and you want to include the group name inside your remote message
to be appear on target as its name, incase when i want to say " Hello Skytells Members ! "!
i will need to use this feature to be in my message, so my message going to be :

Input : Hello <target:name> Members !
Output : Hello Skytells Members!

What is DX Sniper ?

Simply, DX Sniper is an tool to help you extract Facebook users's E-Mails, IDs And Names from an target

it can be a Facebook Group, Post, Status, Photo or Video in order to message them dirctly to thier inbox



Thanks for being a part of our Skytells PM improving process.

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