Face ID By Skytells

The Ultimate Protection for your website, Your Face is your Secured Password.

Why FaceID?

With a simple glance, Face ID securely unlocks your private contents You can use it to secure sessions, CPs and more.

More Advantages

No need to store your passwords, because now your Face is your password.

At a Glance

Our FaceID  allows you to unlock your contents with a glance.


Even when you're away, Our FaceID notifies you upon any access attempt

Free Updates

Updating is the key of reliability, and that’s why our clients get free Intense updates .

Save your money

Secure your financial data with your face which cannot be accessed by others.


Skytells FaceID works on Windows, macOS and even smartphones and tables.

How It Works?

To start using Face ID, you need to first enroll your face.
You may do this during the initial set up process, or at a later time.
To unlock your content using Face ID, simply glance at it. Face ID requires that the camera sees your face, when FaceID's AI engine recognizes your face & your face is in the whitelisted faces, You'll be able to access your contents with a glance.

All these operation requires just 0.1 milliseconds.
For more info, Please watch the video below. 

Welcome to the future

FaceID Technology one of the world's strongest Facial Recognition engines, which can provide the ultimate protection for your contents

On-board Notifications

Our FaceID technology recognizes where you are,
And notify you upon any access attempt

At a Glance

With a simple glance, You'll be authenticated
No passwords, no extra low-level of protection

AI Powered

Our FaceID is powered by the Skytells's latest AI
Which able to recognize the invisible dots of faces.

We're not Apple, We're Skytells!

Unlike Apple's FaceID technology which can easily bypassed in case of twins,
We're a recognizing the eye's retina's dots which cannot be ever bypassed by others.         

  • When Camera sees You

    The Cloudbased AI starts recognizing your Face, Eyes and even emotions.

  • Verification

    When your face being detected by the FaceID's engine, your face will be analyzed by the AI engine.

  • Authenticate

    When the cloud-based AI says that your Face, Eyes and emotions are allowed to access, you're authenticated with a glance

What Clients Say

Alex Merphy

Ceo/Founder at UIE Systems

Thank you for your prompt response and the help that you gave me. You always have a quick solution to any problem. What an excellent level of customer service!
Alisa Milano

IT Security Officer at Etkiako

The FaceID by Skytells is a high-level jump to the future of innovation, great technology, great customer support.
July Mao

Freelance Developer

Thank you very much for your rapid response. It's no doubt that your company is worth admiring! I have experienced the fastest support ever.

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