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Skytells provides hosting services at affordable prices. With unparalleled uptime, fast professional support, and high performance hosting as our core focus we're confident you can focus on your core business rather than worry about hosting issues.

Clients Testimonials


  • Robert Jones

    Adam C. - Skytells Operator was very helpful. I am a first time blogger and was very confused with how to set one up and the whole process. He was patient with me the whole time and gave me a discount. I was also very impressed with the fast customer service too. I wasn't on the line very long and immediately got help from Adam.

  • Jane R.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic support I received from Alex K. She was very helpful, courteous and warm in her emails and I felt the quality of service I received was extremely high and reflects very well on your company. Many thanks! 1

  • Michael Taylor

    I'm researching a new hosting provider for myself and my clients. I'm a web developer looking for a provider on the west coast with great value and customer service. Skytells explained Reseller Hosting for me as well as your Business Power and Pro plans. Skytells answered all my questions and did a great job representing Skytells Hosting to a new client who's likely referring his own clients. Thank you Skytells!

  • William Garcia

    Greetings, I would like to praise and acknowledge my latest chat-supporter Bettina A. After some 4,5,6…I lost count…support sessions trying to figure out the problem with secure IMAP connections I've been having, Finally Bettina hit the right keys on the first try. More over I've been having failures with establishing secure FTP connections and this sharp lady pointed my to what seems to be the right answer after many previouse searches and support sessions. You've made my day better!

  • Chris Clark

    I have to say I`m constantly impressed with the customer service I receive at Skytells. Keep up the great work!

  • Susan Baker

    I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about Skytells is that someone is always at the ready to help me.

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